Roadsky RS-2 Series Self Propelled Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint Machine RS-2

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Hand Push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine is special-purpose equipment for road marking. It is used for highway, road axis, lane line, community, airport,etc. to mark all sorts of thermoplastic lines that are reflective such as straight line,dotted line, curve, oriented arrow, and letters.

Marking width: It is fit for marking 50/80/100/120/150/180/200/230/250/300/400/450 mm width thermoplastic lines and we can produce any Dies for marking any other width thermoplastic lines according to your requirement.

Rear wheel locating pin: It is the directing device located at rear wheel, and can adjust the direction easily and precisely to ensure the road marking machine freely operated in straight or twist.

Adiabatic Paint tank: The paint tank is made of stainless steel and cold rolling oxidation resistant steel, which is equipped with erect type hand stirring device.The heating temperature can be freely controlled (0-260°) according to the different kinds of paint chosen by users.

Glass beads bin: Pin with window can be checked the quantity of glass micro-beads timely.

Glass beads dispenser: The automatic definite quantity dispenser synchronous with the paint screeding system, ensures the dispenser more even and more economical.The structure of the glass bead dispenser' disposition is advanced, compact, flexible, and ease of operation when the spreading width is less than 200 mm (include 200 mm), it does not need to be replaced any part, the width is regulated easily.

Chassis: The firm welding frame, whose surface has been electrostatic sprayed and high temperature treated, is equipped with high quality imported bearing to ensure the whole machine more light some and convenient.

Dies: The structure plate is made of imported special steel with fire resistance (2000°C),oxidation resistance and deformation resistance, which has better stability after being punched. The plinth is made of special alloy steel and adopts the pneumatic screeding structure. The ground knife is made of original imported hard tungsten steel, and the marking bucket body adopts aluminum die-casting.The nice manufacture techniques of bucket ensure the ease of operation, moving steadily, good effect, even marking thickness, neat marking line, durability and firmness.

Main Technical Specifications:

Model RS2
Size(L*W*H) 1400X950X1100mm
Weight 160kg
Engine rated power HONDA GS5.5 HP
Capacity of paint tank 55L(100kg)
Moving Speed 0-5000m/h
Max Climbing Angel 18°
Standard Dies 100/150/200/250/300/400/450mm
Capacity of glass beads box 10kg
Thickness of road lines 1-3mm

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