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Roadsky Traffic Safety can supply both rubber speed bumps and humps in different length such as '4 and '6. Speed bumps can also be combined with different length to adapt different applications such as private residential streets, driveways and parking lots etc. Rubber speed bump is specially designed with high quality rubber,and has the characteristics of good anti-impact and notable decelerate effect , without noise and uncomfortable feeling.

We can also supply the accessories of installating the speed bump,such as road studs, glass cat eye reflectors, electric hammer, pins and bolts.

Middle section Size (L*W*H) Middle Section Weight End Cap Size  (L*W*H) End Cap Weight
1000*300*50mm 13Kg/meter 150*300*50mm 1.3Kg
1000*350*50mm 14Kg/meter 175*350*50mm 1.8Kg
500*350*50mm 13Kg/meter 175*350*50mm 1. 8Kg
500*400*50mm 15Kg/meter 200*400*50mm 2Kg


Installation and Effect Show:


Feature: 1.Designed with high quality rubber speed bumps are made lightweight, flexible and conforms to contours of road surface for long lasting durability. 2.Easily installed on roads near parking places to reduce speeds and decrease the risk of accidents without noise. 3.Won't chip, break or crack. Bumps provide good visibility,do not need of repainting for low maintenance care. 4.Modular design provides large flexibility to suit any size of road.

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Roadsky Portable Plastic Speed Bumps

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