Roadsky YW Series Highway Guardrail Installation Machine YW

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YW pile driver is designed to install and maintain highway anti-collision guard rails and solar posts, and is especially applicable for driving the guardrail post in newly constructing highways.

  Model Unit YW230 YW330
Pile Driver Hammer Rating Joule 600-800 900-1400
Hammer Weight kg 230 330
Blows per minute Times 600-900 500-735
Horse Power HP 24 32
Working Pressure Mpa 16-18 16-18
Oil Flow L/min 36-65 45-65
Oil Tank Capacity L 80 100
Weight kg 2100 2400
Size(L*W*H) mm 2400*2300*2100
Traveling Speed km/h 0-10
Tow Speed km/h 0-50
Pile Extractor Size(L*W*H) mm 1200*700*950
Weight kg 300
Pile Extracting Force KN 30 35
Pile Driller Size(L*W*H) mm 3200*350*250
Weight kg 310 320
Air Flow m3/min 13 18
Diameter of Drilling Holes mm 150 200
Max.Drilling Depth mm 1700
Working efficiency Mm/min About 5

Working on the Road:

yw guardrail post driver


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