Cold Road Marking Machine RS-5D RS-5D

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Product description

Road marking machine ,A widely used in high roads, highways, parking lots, in a flat on the ground of the square and the runway to draw different constraints, such as guidance and warning sign rules limit the pavement construction machinery.Marker for its rapid, efficient, accurate, and other advantages in the aspect of urban planning and road construction has played a huge role, the greatest degree of saving of the pavement construction period and economic investment.
RS-5D is the fastest hand push marking machine in cold spraying marking construction, its marking speed is up to 13km/h under construction of a variety of harsh environments, in particular, a powerful hydraulic system guarantees the cold spraying works.


Technical parameters

Model Number


Gasoline Engine


Pump Operation

Internal reversing hydraulic pump(imported from Germany)

Maximum flow


Maximum Spraying Pressure


Maximum Marking Speed






Volume of aluminum tank


Total weight





1.More Stable:Compared with the traditional ruling machine,RS-5D is no pneumatic cylinder and have less line pipe, therefore it is more stable and safe.
2.Cost Savings: RS-5D not need to equipped with air compressor, avoid double maintenance, reduce the save maintenance costs, reduce unnecessary trouble, save energy.
3.Simplicity of Operator: RS-5D have reasonable equipment and compact structure, it avoid unwanted weight and machinery.At the same time, RS-5D has few buttons, so it is easy to understand and operation.
3.Regulation of Spraying:.The speed and width of spraying are adjustable, spraying is easy to assemble and disassemble ,it is convenient and simple for equipment to operated.
4.Uniform thickness:RS-5D can spew out uniform thickness of paint,in this way, road surface effect looks great.
5.Light weight:The weight of RS-5D is lighter than other ruling machines,therefore,the actual operation of a lot of effort.
6.High efficiency:In traditional ruling machine on updating and transformation, RS-5D use less energy and improve the efficiency. is cost-effective.


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