Hot Melt Paint C5 Hydrocarbon Resin Price for Road Marking C5-resin

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We produce one of C5 petroleum resin which is special for thermoplastic road marking paint. It can enhance toughness, strength and adhesion of thermoplastic road marking paint and form smooth surface. By adding additives, the C5 petroleum resin in the four seasons is always in a stable state.

1  Features

1.1 C5 Petroleum Resin has excellent characteristic of solubility, compatibility, water resistance, thermal stability and chemical stability.

1.2 C5 petroleum Resin is transparent and light yellow granular.

1.3 Fast drying speed of thermoplastic road marking paint.

1.4 Strong Dirt-resistance.



C5 Petroleum Resin

Soften Point


Color No.


Less than 5

Acid Value


Less than 1.0

Ash Content


Less than 0.1

Melt Viscosity(200°C)


Less than 250


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