Roadsky White and Yellow Reflective Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

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Thermoplastic marking is widely used in highway and street constrcution. White and yellow are the most common color used in thermoplastic marking projects. Roadsky is leading thermoplastic road marking paint manufacturer in China. Both white and yellow thermoplastic road marking paints are renowned for strict quality control and competitive price. Paint in different standards and color are also available to meet the different construction needs.

The difference between thermoplastic and cold marking



Different Standards



  AASHTO Standard
Components Specification Test Result
Resin ≥20% 22%
Titanium Dioxide ≥10% 10.20%
Glass Beads ≥30% 32%
  British Standard
Components Specification Test Result
Resin ≥20% 21%
Titanium Dioxide ≥10% 12%
Glass Beads ≥20% 21%
  China Standard
Components Specification Test Result
Resin ≥15% 16.10%
Titanium Dioxide ≥5% 8%
Glass Beads ≥20% 22%


Other Colors:
1. Excellent anti-crack performance
2. Good leveling
3. Excellent reflective performance
4. Stain-resistant
5. Great wear-resisting
6. Eco-Friendly

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